Peter Bardazzi 2019 with Snow Leopard at Night painting 1984

Only one painting left from the neo-futurist exploration/exhibition. All the rest are in private and public collections.

Photo by Asayo Mogi Bardazzi. #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #abstractart

Untitled Painting 60x34 oil on canvas, 2018

The Marriage 75x75" oil on canvas - Peter Bardazzi

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The Last Exits (part of a series). Paint and pencil on paper 10x13" by Peter Bardazzi




Paint and construction elements on canvas. The Begining and the End of Time. 2017 by Peter Bardazzi


Rocket Rackets in an Egg Shell




small rocket man paintings

"Structures in Space" 1972, 60x90" by Peter Bardazzi. Dorothy Miller, collection, MoMA curato,r thef the Rockefeller University collection.



"Liquid Rubens", oil on canvas, 60 x 90″ by Peter Bardazzi (photo by Asayo Mogi Bardazzi)



Night Fishing at New York, 50x60

Night Fishing At New York, oil on canvas, 50x60", 2016 by Peter Bardazzi


Amnesia’s Bang Bang Park, oil on canvas, 60 x 70″ by Peter Bardazzi

Brooklyn TipTop BeBop, Assembled Painting 20 X 30", 2016 by Peter Bardazzi



Big Reds, 75x75"



The Procession of Language. Oil on canvaz, 36 x 48" , 2015 by Peter Bardazzi




Dragon Flies by Peter Bardazzi 75x85". In artists studio.


"Zoom" large painting, oil on canvas by Peter Bardazzi



"Zoom - Zoom" large version



The Spiders Stratagem, 60 x 70″, oil on canvas by Peter Bardazzi



Tatlins Tower in Death Vallypainting on paper

Seen from Below by Peter Bardazzi, oil on canvas, 68" x 100"


Deadly Night in the Assassins Labyrinth: The True Story Johnny G: An abstraction in Place and Time



"Political Globalization Satire Control Map" by Peter Bardazzi



Large Neo-futurist Painting by Peter Bardazzi



"Time Crash" by Peter Bardazzi



Chaos in the Desert by Peter Bardazzi. 70x80"



"Industrial Assassin" by Peter Bardazzi


"Billy" by Peter Bardazzi



Satan's Tigers




A Sacred Heart Gangster - painting on paper.


"The Generals", large painting by Peter Bardazzi


"Descent" 120' x 96, oil om canvas. Peter Bardazzi



Impenetrable Wall of Chaos, 70 x 120" by Peter Bardazzi - back in studio





"This is not a Red Steam Pipe" painting by Peter Bardazzi















"The Spiders Web" 52 x 48. oil on canvas. Peter Bardazzi








Samurai Warrior Painting by Peter Bardazzi

Hannibal Crossing the Alps - by Peter Bardazzi


Dance of the Seven Veils by Peter Bardazzi



Dragon Flies by Peter Bardazzi udated




Marcel Duchamp's Giza Necropolis





Big Pink




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