Peter Bardazzi works on paper

Post-Futurist Deconstruction, New Wave Reconstruction. painting on paper


Map Collage of Europe Descending into Hell by Peter Bardazzi - private collection



Shot Through The Heart And Survived - The Genealogy of Violence and Sacred Hearts- A New Gangster Work














My Untitled drawing acquired by MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY) for its permanent collection
































The man with three legs








Johnson & Johnson: Portrait of Van Gogh after he cut his ear off



















Viagra Time





Iron Works - chalk and oil on paper





The Great Dragon War - pencil and oil on paper




Ready Get Set Go - pencil and oil on paper
















Roman Skull - collage and oil on paper





Chinese Bird - cardboard, rice paper, oil and ink on paper





The Odyssey - collage on paper




The Visitor - crayon and oil on paper






The Fall pencil on paper




Jungle Bar - pencil and crayon on paper





Gorky Park - pencil on paper





Goodbye Foot - pencil on paper





Surrealists - oil on paper











Studio Fire - watercolor and pencil on paper












Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - crayon on paper






Portrait of Me as a Taxi Driver





Last Stop on the 6 Train - cardboard and map collage










Man Sea Woman - pencil and oil on paper





Parade Drawing - pencil on paper






Marcel Duchamp - various papers and pencil on paper









Map Collage





Map Collage





Rose Tower - collage with cardboard on paper


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Study without characters - crayon on paper




My Dark Heart




Study for a yellow painting called My New Friends



Tank Children













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